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Our Mission

  • We bring proven international technical auxiliary electric power supply solutions to Russia's Industry.
  • We give independence to our industrial customers.
  • We bring reasonable prices to the energy market.
  • We solve the peak power problem.

Cheap, cheaper the cheapest electricity for small businesses all over the world.

Company history

Date of registration

11 June 1992. Registration No. 1002-p in the  St. Petersburg (Russia) Neva area district.

The founders

Mobilnost Association, Mobicom Company and Petrovsky Khutor Company

Trade mark 
our trademark     Registered by the State Registery Of Trade and Service Marks on 13.09.94 No. 120374 effective from 29.10.92.

Main areas of activity

    Development and production of systems of uninterrupted and standby electric power supplies (UPS):   
1992-1993 development and production of the UPS model ABP- 0,25 
1993-1995 development and production of the UPS model ABP- 0,4 
1995-1996; development and production of the UPS  model ABP- 0,6 
1995-1997 mastering of technology of repair and assembly of diesel gensets in the 100 to 500 kW Range. 
1997 system engineering of automatic control of a diesel genset model MP-1000 
1998-2001 natural gensets manufacturing and trading 

The customers   

    Central Bank of Russia: St. Petersburg branch, Vologda branch; St. Petersburg banks: Promstroibank, Petrovsky Bank, SBERBANK & Technohimbank; Russian space agency, Moscow; Russian FederationТs Departments of Protection, Moscow; General Building Corporation, St. Petersburg; The October Railway computing center, St. Petersburg; The St. Petersburg Stock Exchange; The Rostov-on-Don Stock Exchange; State Traffic Inspectorate, St. Petersburg; newspapers: The St. Petersburg Vedomosti, Rush Hour; The St. Petersburg Water Authority; KAPO duty free shop, Svetogorosk on the Russina/Finish border; Valaam monastery, Lake Ladoga; Federal Border Service, Sestroretsk; The Bashkir Gold Mining Company, Ufa, Bashkortostan, St. Petersburg bakery company "Petrokhleb", State Custom Committee.

Manufacturing Facilities
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1,500 m2 fully equipped production facility in the mechanical workshops of The Scientific Research Institute No. 26 of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the subrub of St. Petersburg. 

09.jpg S.V. Alexanrov

President: Ivan Zubov, 45, graduate of St. Petersburg State University, 1979. Specializing in the design of automatic control systems

Comptroller: Serge Alexandrov,35, graduate of St. Petersburg State University, 1988. Specializing in mathematics. Certified Accountant

Suppliers of new and good used equipment of major international auxiliary electric power supply equipment manufacturers

Contact Information

Postal address 
P.O. Box 605, St. Petersburg,Russia,198264
Electronic mail
General Information: inquire@mobil.spb.su
24-hrs service: e-mail@nwgsm.ru
Sales:  inquire@mobil.spb.su 
Customer Support: zubov@mobil.spb.su 
Webmaster: GensetMobil@tripod.net
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